AssertJ-DB latest news


Release date : 2017-05-08 (dependency declaration)

Javadoc : for versions 1.2.x

  • issue #36 : Add order on table (with Order)
  • issue #41 : Add BDDAssertions so you can use then() instead of assertThat() (Pascal Schumacher)
  • issue #43 : Add isEqualTo(Character) and isNotEqualTo(Character) for values. Add hasValues(Character...) and containsValues(Character...) for columns. Add hasValues(Character) and hasValues(Character, Character) for columns of changes
  • issue #45 : Add support for testing that a row contains no Null values : hasOnlyNotNullValues() assertion method (fiery-phoenix)
  • Add isEmpty() assertion method related to number of rows (fiery-phoenix)
  • issue #39 : Add start delimiter and end delimiter for table name and column name (used to generate the request) in Table
  • issue #49 : NullPointerException while asserting no changes
  • issue #52 : Fix about the outputs with column name and value with %

Release date : 2016-04-23 (dependency declaration)

Javadoc : for versions 1.1.x

  • issue #37 : assertj-db 1.1.0 does not work with java 7

Release date : 2016-04-14 (dependency declaration)

Javadoc : for versions 1.1.x

  • Add from(Calendar) and now() methods to DateValue, TimeValue and DateTimeValue
  • issue #9 : Provide a way to view the data of a Table, of a Request or of Changes with Outputs
  • issue #15 : Add support for UUID type columns (Otoniel Isidoro)
  • Add a isOfClass(Class) assertion method for value and column
  • issue #18 : Add isCloseTo(...) methods for Number, DateValue, TimeValue and DateTimeValue
  • issue #19 : Add support for BLOBs and CLOBs
  • issue #22 : Add isEqualTo(Object) for values. Add hasValues(Object...) for columns. Add hasValues(Object) and hasValues(Object, Object) for columns of changes
  • issue #25 : Add containsValues(...) methods for columns
  • issue #29 : Add hasNumberOfXXXGreaterThan(...), hasNumberOfXXXLessThan(...), hasNumberOfXXXGreaterThanOrEqualTo(...) and hasNumberOfXXXLessThanOrEqualTo(...) methods for the rows, columns, changes and modified columns
  • issue #34 : Enhance exception message when column does not exist
  • issue #21 : Add possibility to pass a reference containing a null value like parameter to isEqualTo() and isNotEqualTo()
  • issue #23 : Fix support of Numbers (bug when the mapping is a Double instance)
  • issue #31 : Fix detection of primary keys (caused by letter case) in some DBMS
  • issue #32 : Fix SQL requests for DBMS with letter case different from upper case in the name of the DB elements

Release date : 2015-08-09 (dependency declaration)

Javadoc : for versions 1.0.x

  • issue #13 : AbstractMethodError when creating a Table using a Datasource instead of a Source

Release date : 2015-07-12 (dependency declaration)

Javadoc : for versions 1.0.x

First AssertJ-DB release.