Troubleshooting GUI Test Failures

Although AssertJ Swing makes it easy to write GUI tests, troubleshooting GUI test failures can be a challenging task. The following links explain the features that AssertJ Swing provides to help us figure out why a GUI test failed.

AssertJ Swing tests Failing in a CI server

Users have reported that some AssertJ Swing tests failed when executed in a continuous integration server running on Windows.

Cecil Williams
We are using Team City 4.0.2 with the agent running on a Windows XP machine. If the screen is locked (via screen saver or Ctrl-Alt-Del) when the FEST tests run any assertions involving "requires message" fail. If we unlock the screen the tests pass. Has anyone else encountered this and do you have a solution other than keeping the screen unlocked (security risk).

Possible solutions can be found in this mail thread.